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At Home

NoronhaPhotoSusana de Noronha, an anthropologist with a Ph.D. summa cum laude in sociology, is a researcher at the Centre for Social Studies (CES), University of Coimbra, Portugal. Winner ex aequo of the 2007 CES Award for Young Portuguese-speaking Social Scientists and of the 2003 Bernardino Machado Award for Anthropology (best student) from the University of Coimbra.

Author of three books - A Tinta, a Mariposa e a Metástase: a arte como experiência, conhecimento e acção sobre o cancro de mama (2009, Afrontamento) [Paint, Butterflies, and Metastases: art as experience, knowledge, and action on breast cancer]; Objetos Feitos de Cancro: mulheres, cultura material e doenças nas estórias da arte (2015, Almedina) [Objects Made of Cancer: material culture and illness on women’s art stories]; and Cancro Sobre Papel: Estórias de oito mulheres Portuguesas entre palavra falada, arte e ciência escrita (2019, Almedina) [Cancer on Paper: the stories of eight Portuguese women in words, art, and science].

As a writer and researcher, she is also a published lyricist and author of creative scientific illustrations, using photography, painting and creative ethnographic drawing. Know more at Ciência ID - ORCID iD - CES



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Published Lyrics - Music

As a lyricist, my work is published in three albums, one EP, and four compilations of Portuguese music: 09 Roads (in press); À Sombra de Deus Vol. IV (2012, Braga 2012); Lock Full Version (2010, Cobra Discos); 3Pistas Vol.2 (2009, Antena3 & Edições Valentim de Carvalho/Iplay); EP Lock (2009, Optimus Discos); Novos Talentos FNAC 2009 (2009, Fnac Portugal); Undergod/Underdog (2009, Poison Tree Records, Los Angeles); Acorda! Primeira Compilação de Nova Música Portuguesa em mp3 (2006, Antena3 & Cobra Discos).