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As a creative writer, I became the lyricist of two projects/bands – “At Freddy’s House” and “Pyroscaphe”. Sharing walls and doors with the composer (Frederico Cristiano), my husband, I have the rare privilege of hearing the metamorphic birth of almost every song. As a lyricist, I try to respond to Fred’s conceptual and melodic world. I always work over pre-existing voice melodies, filling the empty metric with stories and characters that can simultaneously shape and fall inside the world suggested by sounds and songs. My job as a lyricist is to be a storyteller. In the next pages/links you can find my publications and a summary regarding the concept behind each album, along with a complete list of lyrics.

My work is published in three albums, one EP, and four compilations: 09 Roads (in press); À Sombra de Deus Vol. IV (2012, Braga 2012); Lock Full Version (2010, Cobra Discos); 3Pistas Vol.2 (2009, Antena3 & Edições Valentim de Carvalho/Iplay); EP Lock (2009, Optimus Discos); Novos Talentos FNAC 2009 (2009, Fnac Portugal); Undergod/Underdog (2009, Poison Tree Records, Los Angeles); Acorda! Primeira Compilação de Nova Música Portuguesa em mp3 (2006, Antena3 & Cobra Discos).




2012, Lyrics of the song "Written in Blood, Water and Mud", for the project At Freddy's House, in À Sombra de Deus Vol. 4, Portugal, Braga 2012. read the lyrics



2010, Lyrics of the album Lock Full Version [Debut Album], for the project “At Freddy’s House", Cobra Discos. read the lyrics


2009, Lyrics of the song "Tempest Girl", in 3 Pistas Vol.2 [CD compilation], for the project “At Freddy’s House", Antena3 & Valentim de Carvalho/ Iplay. read the lyrics



2009,Lyrics of the EP Lock [Digital EP], for the project “At Freddy’s House”, Optimus Discos. read the lyrics



2009, Lyrics of the song “My Falling House, in New Talents FNAC 2009 [CD compilation] for the project “At Freddy’s House, FNAC & Antena3. read the lyrics


2009, Lyrics of the album Undergod/Underdog [Digital Album], for the band “Pyroscaphe”, Poison Tree Records. read the lyrics


2006, Lyrics of the songs “Drunken Boat” and “Rubber Nose”, in Acorda! Nova Música Portuguesa em mp3 [CD compilation] for the project “At Freddy’s House", Cobra Discos & Antena3. read the lyrics