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Lock & Lock Full Version

Susana de Noronha ©
Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores © [Portuguese Author’s Society] 
All lyrics protected by Portuguese and international copyright laws. Do not use or repost without the author’s written permission.



Album: Lock full version
Label/Editora: Cobra Discos
Lyrics/ Letra: Susana de Noronha
Music/Música: Frederico Cristiano
Project/ Artista: At Freddy’s House
Songs: Prelude: the hunter’s song; The Knot; A Devil’s Word; Road to Rebellion; My Falling House; Ink on Paper; Lighthouse Woman; On Sacred Ground; A Gunman’s Bullet; Box with Dancing Dolls; Tempest Girl; A Perfect Drum; Scarlet Garden.



Digital EP: Lock
Label/Editora: Optimus Discos
Lyrics/ Letra: Susana de Noronha
Music/Música: Frederico Cristiano
Project/ Artista: At Freddy’s House
Songs: The Knot; Road to Rebellion; On Sacred Ground; My Falling House; A Gunman’s Bullet; Box with Dancing Dolls.


“O que é para ti uma casa? Os braços de quem amas ou o lugar onde te escondes dos dedos dos teus demónios? É a estrada que tens à frente ou a cadeira onde te sentas no final da viagem? É a tenda de um circo itinerante, um navio naufragado ou o farol levantado em terra firme? É o sítio onde vives ou a última morada para o envelhecer dos ossos? Um bocado de terra santificada ou as pedras que fazem o chão de uma revolução profana? Será uma rua sem nome, as paredes de um quarto ou a gaveta de madeira onde se acumularam pedaços de memória? É um desejo, um objecto perdido ou é essa coisa que bate dentro do teu peito? É um palco repleto de barulho e gente, um corredor silencioso ou é o som da caixa de música onde dançam dois bonecos? É a paisagem pintada na tela, o pó que cobre o teu soalho ou será o simples conforto de ter um corpo que não conhece dor? Por detrás e para além de paredes, portas e fechaduras, as histórias de uma multidão de palhaços, dançarinos e homens simples transformam-se em canções sobre o desvanecimento, a morte, o sonho e o desejo. Quebram-se paredes que não dobram, gritam-se palavras por gastar e roda-se o mundo para o Sol.” [Susana de Noronha]


1 - Prelude: the hunter’s song

I am the wolf
I ran half the way
hunting down my wounded prey
I’m half the man
half the beast I need
to feed the half that bleeds

I crawled for miles
ate the dust of time
one pound of life
could ease the wild inside my mind

like a song for vultures
beats a second heart
faster than water
a poacher’s knife stabs my life
and leaves me cold.


2 - The knot

If I could hold you once again
tied around your waist
I could pretend to hear your heartbeat
as it fades away

a stronger rope won’t pull you back
or lift the weight of what was left behind
one breaking strand at the end of the rope will fail

can I just hold you like a knot?


3 - A devil’s word

You crawl outside my house
with your deceiving tongue
I won’t invite you in
nor dress your changing skin

what you give is beyond what I need
I’ll keep my soul inside my chest, where it rests, unharmed

you’re tempting me but I don’t need your twisted deals anymore
a devil’s word won’t lure me out or rouse my greed
when all I want is here

your pointed nails won’t leave a scratch on my heart
your tail and scales won’t leave a mark on my floor anymore

what you sell can’t complete what I wish
what you give is beyond what I need
what you trade can’t replace what I own
I’ll take my soul inside my coat, to the ground, deep down.


4 - Road to rebellion

Singing loud my own tale she calls me from sleep
lights my maze, guides my feet
my world is breaking, my roots burned down
as her voice moves my ground

she rolls old skin from my dry hands
unwraps my sight, extends the land
where I can walk and feel alive
touch the dirt, draw my signs

shout the words you never spent
break the walls you cannot bend
and you might dare to spin the world
while they wish it never turned
because the wind is slowing down
and the rain is turning sweet
and the storm is growing older

untie the ropes that bind your will
find a tongue you can speak
and reach beyond the roads of mud
break all ties while you run

learn the steps and walk again
a broken crutch won’t make the journey
life keeps running up ahead
time won’t wait for you to follow.


5 - My falling house

I raise my hands
and stretch the dry skin of old age
all the lines draw an ending
without time for amendments

time went by
my old house became smaller
all my doors seem too narrow
as my shadow grows taller

the stairs inside my falling house
pile the dust of old days
I laze beneath the rusty hatch
where I once locked the sunshine

I am home
I could lay here where the walls tell my story
I rest my head down on the cold floor
I can wait here for a while, before morning

the light inside my falling house
warms the dust of old days
from the roof the open hatch
cuts half my ageing shadow.


6 - Ink on paper*

The skies are grey and cold
on the outside
she lives in a paper world
made with pencils
locked inside her room as the rain falls
her windows are meant to break

can she walk on her own
away from all that she knows?

she left her bed undone
she left her books unread
while her time ran out
and her walls fell down
she stepped outside her doorway

now she walks on her own
away from all that she knows

with the strokes of crayons she repaints the world
from the sky above us to the lands below
she has found a way to replace all the black and white
with a tinted dust that spreads around outside

will the black clouds ever whiten as the sun dries the paint?
will her hands keep on drawing our green painted plains?

*For the painter: Kirsti Ottem Langeland


7 - Lighthouse woman

Light a candle
clear my night-time’s sky
warm the haze above the sea
and say a prayer for me
and say you’ll wait for me
my boat is far and frail

wait outside your door
you’re strong enough to guide me
stand outside your door
and burn the dark around me

light a candle
write a farewell’s note
lock the past behind your door
and sail away with me
across the silent seas
my boat will reach the shore

wait outside your door
you’re strong enough to guide me
stand outside your door
and burn the dark around me

a tired flame brings me home
outside her door she dressed in pure white
on ageing stairs she held a smile
between her hands an old candlelight.


8 - On sacred ground

A newborn light exhales the day
like a laugh from a crowd
locked in heaven far away
a pagan God inhales the flame
where the night burns her shroud
where the dawn lights up her face

around my feet
a swollen tongue of streams
floods the lands where seraphs
build the shrine of dreams

I know the place where winged lovers hide
I know this place where desire grows
where angels meet
rusty halos are lost between the lust
falling like dust on the ground
dirty feathers are lost between a touch
falling like dust on the ground

a painted door hides a promised land
tell the world that I found a way
spread the word that I found the way
to a sacred ground

I was around when God Himself fell in love with a woman’s voice
He seems more perfect high above, on His throne, wrenched by love.


9 - A gunman’s bullet

Mother say a prayer
and bring a flower
brother dig a grave
my guns are silent

take me home
keep me close

one shot sealed my fate
warmer than fire
a bullet stains my back
my blood won’t rest now

a red cold dye
paints the ground
my red cold life
spreads around.


10 - Box with dancing dolls

Place your arms around my own
take your time to move along
I will lead and you will hold me

the music plays when the lid is opened
a windup key sets the floor in motion
as we learn our dance

take your time to learn the steps
you won’t fall from satin shoes
you can trust your lifeless balance

a puppet’s dance on a clockwork trance
plastic feet wont get sore or broken
as we learn our dance

we’re moving fast
to spin around the floor
a made up life
lacking flesh and bone

we’re moving slow
to take our final bow
without applauding crowds
as we learn our dance

the music stops while the lid is closing
the windup stage starts to lose its fleeting bright.


11 - Tempest Girl

hey you, I’m knocking at your door
hey you, they told me you were gone
but I ran
I ran so many miles
just like dust, I’ll wait and sit around

please come out or let me in
can you still just dance with me?
I’ll whistle our song

are you lost or locked away?
are you hiding like a secret?
I’ll find out where you are

hey you, I’m waiting at your door
hey you, you told me you were home
just like rain, you’re running down the stairs
and you move like wind across the floor

will your frail roof hold the storm
while you laugh and dance with me?
a twister growing strong

can I stay and hold you close?
let my long arms be your ceiling
my legs can be your walls


12 - A Perfect Drum

I will walk for a while
and leave no sin behind
you can draw with your fingertips
a map across my skin

like the water runs to the sea
will you come along and follow me?
can you tie your hair around my heart?
just one single strand can bind the halves

I will walk my whole life
and leave my bags behind
you will find on the road ahead
that all we need is time

like the water runs to the sea
will you come along and follow me?
can you hold our love and make it last
like a perfect drum inside your chest?

days will turn to years and night will fall from winter skies
as we walk
simple flowers grow around our feet as seasons die
as we walk

can’t you see them blooming all around?
I feel our grey hair falling down
and close my eyes


13 - Scarlet Garden

like a simple knot
you keep on holding me
I’m trapped inside your arms
my little weed

once again
you fill my empty home
you grow in silent rooms
spreading scarlet poison over my floor
I’m tied again

when you move I can hardly breathe
little scents and deadly seeds
fill the air and turn to petals all around my neck

raise your hands to the sky
and let your thorns wrap my life
plant your roots around my coat
don’t you let me go

restless hungry flower
just keep on holding me
I’m trapped inside your arms
my little need

once again
you grow on naked walls
around my aging bed
you’re a scarlet garden behind my door
I’m tied again

when you leave I can hardly breathe
little scents and deadly seeds
fill the air and turn to sadness in my empty chest

place your feet in the dark
and let your roots fill my heart
like a weed around your skirt
I can’t let you go