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Science + Art

facedireitaDrawing people, things and events and photographing my family has been a part of my life since childhood. The fragile lines of graphite pencils, the perfect circles made by compasses, the ephemeral surface of paper and the reconstructive power of markers, brushes, paint and erasers were some of the qualities, materials and substances that gave form and meaning to the world around me.

During my adolescence, eyes, faces, hands and trees became the central subjects of my sketches and scrapbooks. The detailed contour of a naked tree was a kind of personal signature where others could recognize the trace of my right hand. This was the reason why I chose it for my website logo, it's a self-portrait.

Between practice and theory, I decided to become an anthropologist, focusing on visual and material culture, art and aesthetic production. Although drawing and photography can be considered an accessory activity in my professional project, it is the foundation of everything I do as a researcher. I'm not an artist, photographer or illustrator. I'm an anthropologist using art as a methodological tool.

The walls of my gallery are still empty, but I’m working on new drawings, photographs and illustrations. They are all related with my work in social science.

gallery door